The new Animal Crossing: New Horizons update should take note of these points from the New Pokémon Snap update

New Pokémon Snap‘s new update has delighted its players. For this reason, some media outlets are suggesting that other games should learn from this model.

One example is Animal Crossing: New Horizons, for which we expect a new update later this year. Nintendo has already confirmed this and fans are wondering what this content will look like.

Here are the points that say Animal Crossing: New Horizons should take a cue from New Pokémon Snap:

  • Add more than just new items in TeleNook, including new gameplay mechanics.
  • It should be an update that encourages players to return to the game, especially those who bought and completed it at the beginning.
  • A good example would be new islands to explore or new neighbours to meet, just as New Pokémon Snap has done with its three new areas and new Pokémon that can be photographed.
  • New mini-games involving new mechanics would also be a good fit.
  • The same could go for finding new creatures or buying new clothing and furniture.