Rumor: LEGO Super Mario To Have 13 Sets, Prices Start At EUR 3.99

Rumor: LEGO Super Mario To Have 13 Sets, Prices Start At EUR 3.99 1

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LEGO fansite Stone Wars has provided more information on what’s to come from the LEGO Super Mario collaboration that was announced a couple of moments ago.

According to the website, 13 LEGO Super Mario sets will be released in the market, with the cheapest set, a blind bag, retailing for EUR3.99.

The most expensive set will cost EUR99.99.

Details on each set as follows (model number followed by price):

  1. 71360 – EUR59.99
  2. 71361 – EUR3.99 (blind bag)
  3. 71362 – EUR49.99
  4. 71363 – EUR19.99
  5. 71364 – EUR19.99
  6. 71365 – EUR29.99
  7. 71366 – EUR29.99
  8. 71367 – EUR29.99
  9. 71368 – EUR69.99
  10. 71369 – EUR99.99
  11. 71370 – EUR9.99
  12. 71371 – EUR9.99
  13. 71372 – EUR9.99
  14. 71373 – EUR9.99

Stone Wars also speculated that there will be some gaming element behind the LEGO Super Mario sets, so it doesn’t seem we’re getting mini figurines of Mario characters.

Last but not least, here’s a better video of the teaser trailer that gives us a better look at Mario:

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Source: NintendoSoup, StoneWars

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