Level-5 CEO Calls 2019 A Year Of Regaining Trust

Level-5 CEO Calls 2019 A Year Of Regaining Trust 1

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Nikkei has published an interview with Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino, where he looks back at the year 2019.

The paper asked Hino what he thought about the year 2019, which saw the release of the new Ni no Kuni movie and the announcement of Yo-Kai Gakuen in Japan. Hino says the theme for 2019 was “regaining solid trust”.

He explains Level-5, as a software developer and publisher, wanted to increase their trust with consumers.

Hino added that he sees 2020 as a year with many “successes and failures”, so he wanted to ensure Level-5 is in good shape to tackle the challenges ahead.

What do you think of his comments?

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