Kowloon’s Gate VR Coming To Nintendo Switch

kowloons gate vr 560x315 1
kowloons gate vr 560x315 1

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Classic adventure game Kowloon’s Gate VR has been officially announced for Nintendo Switch.

The game, which is set in the Kowloon Walled City, is expected to launch for Nintendo Switch in 2020. The developers say Kowloon’s Gate VR will not support the Nintendo Labo Virtual Reality feature on Switch, as it is “not very good”. New maps, “a person everyone wants to meet”, and “a place everyone wants to visit” will be added to the game.

Check out the announcement at the event below:

#おはじめ式 の動画1#クーロンズ・ゲート

— Kenichi_Naito (@ken4241) December 28, 2019

Check out the gameplay (not the Switch version) below:

Welcome to the otherworldly. One album you picked up by chance.

You collect peeled shrimp, unlock the seal, trace the memory of the album with the old picture as a clue.

Experience the WORLD BEYOND from 20 years back there— A DIVED IN theme park!

On this 20 year anniversary, new proposal from Kowloon Gate development team.

The town and people changing time to times, walking through the nostalgic space whenever you want.

A new non-game VR experience.

At the PlayStation version where we can’t move freely now renewal with the latest technology available to play-through the space in REAL TIME!

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