AM2R creator not a fan of Metroid Dread EMMIs

A new and interesting announcement related to one of the most prominent titles among Nintendo Switch players has arrived again. It is indeed Metroid Dread.

In this case, we have learned that DoctorM64, creator of the fan project Another Metroid 2 Remake (Project AM2R), has been full of praise for Metroid Dread. However, there is one aspect he didn’t like: the EMMI, one of the most dangerous enemies in the title.

Here’s what he shared about it:

I’m not entirely sure if EMMIs would make sense in Metroid. The concept is awesome, right? But if you mix something like survival horror with a huge monster that can kill you in one hit, you need to feel vulnerable. Think of the early Resident Evil with very limited tank controls and ammo… and you stun a couple of zombies, you shot them, but your health is very limited, you feel that tension, that dread.

But all of a sudden, if you’re a space hunter that can jump and leap and you have very maneuverable moves and you’re able to jump over walls and run super fast, that changes the dynamic a lot. All of a sudden, the monster has to move at the same pace as you and all of a sudden, you’re paralyzed. So, in a game of Resident Evil or any other survival horror game, you take a couple of minutes to explore and you see the monster and you try with your very limited resources and mobility to escape and hide and be tactical in your decision making. You have time to think and act correctly.

But because Samus is so agile and real EMMIs have to be more agile than her to compensate, you don’t have those Metal Gear moments where you’re chasing stealth and action. You’re more or less reacting to what’s on screen, so it’s a cat-and-mouse style thing that happens so fast that it feels like something different and unique, but it’s also a bit annoying in my humble opinion

Source: NintendoLife