Takahisa Taura, head of Astral Chain, is working on a new project.

We continue to receive interesting statements from PlatinumGames. In this case, the information is related to the creative Takahisa Taura.

Surely many of you will know him for his involvement as director of Astral Chain. Well, now he has confirmed that he is working on a new project. These have been his words from Atsushi Inaba, head of PlatinumGames, informing about it:

Inaba-san, in our last talk you said that the best director was Takahisa Taura of Astral Chain and suggested that he could pick and choose his next project. Has he started working on anything yet?

Inaba: We have to keep the superstar busy! (laughs) He’s working on something, but we can’t say what it is.

Could we see it announced soon?

Inaba: It would be nice if that happens! (laughs)