Rumour: Game Boy and Game Boy Color games coming soon to Nintendo Switch Online

A couple of years ago, in 2019, four emulators were found on Nintendo Switch in the Nintendo Switch Online NES catalogue app. As we all know, two of them were for the NES itself and the SNES. However, the rest had an unknown purpose. That’s why, in the latest podcast from NateDrake, a well-known insider who has leaked Nintendo’s plans several times, it was speculated that the Game Boy and Game Boy Color could be coming to Nintendo’s online service in the coming weeks, with the latest emulators found in the console app having that purpose.

On top of this, Nintendo Life (a reliable source), claims to have confirmed with its own sources that Game Boy and Game Boy Color games will be coming to the system very soon. However, it’s not all good: the outlet also claims that, according to the insider, Game Boy Advance games may not be coming to the system in the near future, especially given upcoming releases that could be affected by this, such as the next Advance Wars game that we expect to be coming to the hybrid in a few months’ time.