Pokémon Unite players call for new way to report trolls after this viral clip

Pokémon Unite is one of those games that has been making waves since its launch, with a very active user base. However, it has not been without its problems either. In particular, trolls, players who engage in bullying, are one of the title’s biggest ailments. And with what has happened recently, the spotlight is on them.

In particular, a clip has recently gone viral, which you can see below, in which a player chases another player just to steal the Pokémon present in the game’s central street. The reason why it has spread so much is because many have identified with the player who uploaded it and who had to suffer this misconduct from the other player.

As a result, there has been a popular demand to make more options available to users to report players who do not behave well, or who engage in abusive behaviour such as the one in the video.

It’s so frustrating we can’t do anything to ban this kind of people… from PokemonUnite