Player steals Zapdos wildly in Pokémon Unite with this Blastoise move

We bring you a peculiar video related to Pokémon Unite. Following its release several weeks ago on Nintendo Switch as a free download and the announcement of the mobile version on 22 September, this short film now shows us the power of Blastoise, which has arrived in the game today.

In the short, it shows how the Water-type Pokémon manages to completely savagely steal Zapdos in the middle of a match. Using the right combination of moves, it manages to take over the legendary Pokémon, something that, according to the user, ended up giving his team the victory, which was originally trailing. The combination of moves adds up to Blastoise’s Unite Move, Hydro Pump+ and Surf.

The move is certainly worth analysing:

Blastoise stealllllll from PokemonUnite