Murder On Eridan comes to The Outer Worlds for Nintendo Switch on September 8

We get a new and interesting detail starring one of the most prominent titles on Nintendo Switch. We’re talking about The Outer Worlds.

In this case, we’ve learned that the Murder in Eridanus DLC now has a release date for the hybrid console version. It will be available on 8 September for €14.99 or as part of the expansion pass.

Here’s a reminder of the premise and trailer for this content:

Murder on Eridanus adds a tantalizing interstellar thriller for players to solve. Rizzo’s spokesperson, Halcyon Helen, has been discovered dead, and it’s up to you to untangle this web of mystery, deceit, and secrets. You’ll have to uncover clues from the crime scene and unlock different mission routes with a new device, the Discrepancy Amplifier, and track down a host of suspects with very peculiar personalities.