Zelda fan creates a Google Maps of Breath of the Wild

A Zelda fan reinvents what Breath of the Wild would look like with a Google Maps-style street view.

Without a doubt, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been one of the greatest games on Nintendo Switch. With a truly vast world, lots and lots of secrets to uncover, so the game gives room for experimentation and exploration.

So one fan thought it would be interesting to imagine what Breath of the Wild would be like if it had a website like Google Maps.

Nassim is a software designer and Zelda fan. One day he came up with this brilliant idea of creating something similar to Google Maps, but with Breath of the Wild, where you could have 360-degree images of a certain location. That’s how he started the Street View the Breath of the Wild project.

Nassim says that the process behind this recreation has been really tedious. In fact, one of the first challenges was to get a scope of the project, narrowing its focus, because of the aesthetics of the game itself.

The next part was to obtain screenshots of the game, in order to create the necessary panoramic view. This required the use of a Wii U emulator and different mods in order to take many pictures that would later be stitched together to form the street view of the different locations in the game.

It then moved on to the coding and mapping phase, resulting in a credible replica of Google Maps. It has a lot of detail, from zooming in and out to the 360-degree panoramic view. You will be able to visit some of the game’s landmarks.