These Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl flyers suggest that a feature of the original games will not be present on Nintendo Switch

We bring you an interesting message that is closely related to one of the most anticipated games in the Nintendo Switch catalogue. It is Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

In the post, we can see one of the game’s official flyers that have caused quite a stir among fans. This is because they clearly show that the remakes will have a PEGI 7 rating in Europe.

Following this, many have pointed out that the fact that this rating is used and not PEGI 12 could mean that a feature of the game is missing: this would be the Rocavelo City Casino, an environment that could not be included in a game with such a low PEGI rating at present.

Although the PEGI 7 rating is still provisional, spaces like casinos would be out of place if the system’s current guidelines were followed. For this reason, fans believe that this casino could have been removed or replaced by a different feature.