The press has tested Steam Deck and compared it to Nintendo Switch: they don’t see it as a replacement

As we recently reported, several members of the international press have had the opportunity to try Steam Deck for themselves. Remember that the console was announced by Valve several weeks ago and, since it was unveiled, it has not stopped being compared to Nintendo Switch despite having several notable differences and its developers claiming that it is aimed at a different audience.

The press has again compared it to Nintendo Switch, though in many cases not in a negative way for either platform. Rather, they refer to the consoles as two quite different platforms. They have also highlighted the difference in size and weight.

These are the comments we’ve been able to read, where everyone agrees that they don’t see it as a replacement for Nintendo’s hybrid:

The Verge:

What I didn’t necessarily imagine when I walked into the Valve lobby: how gigantic Steam Deck looks next to a Nintendo Switch, and yet how it’s more comfortable to hold […] While I immediately noticed the extra half-pound of weight compared to Switch, it didn’t bother me during my brief session.

PC Gamer:

It took me maybe 10 seconds to see that the analogue joysticks on this console I much prefer to the Nintendo Switch’s joycons. It helps that they’re much larger, with a fluid rotation and design that I’d compare to an Xbox analogue stick […] I’m not sure if I’d consider it as a Nintendo Switch replacement. Its larger size isn’t as ideal for throwing in a backpack and playing games on the go. But as a portable PC gaming machine, it’s really impressive: it’s comfortable, it holds up well, and it seems to have the power to play games like Death Stranding at decent settings. If SteamOS really can deliver the compatibility Valve is looking for, Steam Deck will become my go-to console for playing games I wish I could play on Switch, lounging on my couch, which it just doesn’t have.

This last comment underscores what its developers were letting slip a while back: it looks like Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch will be able to coexist because of how different the games released on one and the other are.

Tom’s Hardware:

My first impressions suggest that yes, this can work, and I’m looking forward to being able to play PC titles in bed and on planes. The games won’t look as pretty as they do on my desktop. But for those dreaming of Switch-like portability and playability with PC games, it looks like Valve is on the right track […] If you’ve played Nintendo Switch recently, you’ll feel the difference – Steam Deck is much heavier, but that’s the trade-off for its capabilities […] I could see my reflection more on Steam Deck’s standard screen, but no more than on my Nintendo Switch or even my mobile.


Compared to my Nintendo Switch, it definitely feels like a more serious gaming machine with additional controls and a bigger screen, and it will be interesting to compare the new OLED screen Switch and the Steam Deck later this year.