Pokémon Sword and Shield confirms new Dinamax Crystal distribution event for Europe

Update: We leave you with more confirmed shops for other countries in the list below.

Original news: We have received an interesting announcement related to one of the most notable video games in the Nintendo Switch catalogue. Specifically, it is Pokémon Sword and Shield.

The detail in question that has been published by The Pokémon Company focuses on a new distribution event. This allows us to get a serial code to obtain a Dinamax Crystal ☆sgr7121 to activate a Dinamax Raid against Duraludon Gigamax. This celebrates the launch of the new JCC expansion, Evolving Skies.

These are the characteristics of this Duraludon Gigamax:

  • Level 40
  • Moves: Metallaser, Hyper Lightning, Vast Impact and Metallic Echo.

The event runs until 27 September and these are the confirmed European shops:

We’ll keep an eye out for more countries to update the list as soon as they are confirmed.