Phil Spencer explains why there are no plans to launch Xbox Game Pass on Nintendo Switch for now

Many of you probably remember the rumours that Xbox content was coming to Nintendo Switch, including Game Pass and more. Well, today we’ve got some interesting statements on the subject.

These come from Xbox brand chief Phil Spencer, who has shared that no such plans are in the pipeline at the moment. When asked by GamesRadar+ about bringing Xbox apps to Nintendo, this was his response:

You know, evolution always takes time. There are different strengths that different companies have built up through hard work, and some of these changes can be seen as disruptive. And they will have their own kind of business cadence and the pace at which they want to make those changes.

For us to succeed, I don’t think another company has to get smaller. I want the industry to continue to grow and accelerate its growth, and if you buy a Switch, and you want to play Minecraft, and I buy my kids a PlayStation… if they can’t play together, that doesn’t help games grow, in my opinion. That war might help one device beat another, but it doesn’t help the industry. I think focusing on the player and their happiness, in the long run, is the right strategy. And I think the industry will move in that direction, because that’s what gamers will demand.

[In terms of Xbox apps on Switch], you know, it’s the right question because people usually ask me about launching one single game or another. And what I’m saying is that I want the full Xbox experience to be something that we offer. We have no plans to bring it to any other kind of closed platforms right now, mainly because those closed platforms don’t want something like Game Pass. There are a lot of open platforms that we can grow on: the web, PC and mobile devices. So, frankly, all our attention is on those platforms.

As you can read in the last paragraph, for now they don’t seem to have in mind to bring services like Game Pass to Nintendo Switch and other “closed” non-interested platforms.