No More Heroes 3 details and shows in video the Defence Missions and Bike Missions

Here we have again an interesting video of one of the most promising games of the moment among Nintendo Switch users. This one has been released recently and corresponds to scenes from No More Heroes 3.

In this case, the short film shows us more minutes of the title focused on the mechanics of Defense Missions and Bike Missions, still without official name in English. You can find it right below along with the details provided:

Defense Missions are pretty straightforward: some nasty aliens are in dire need of a guide, and who better to teach them a good life lesson than a first-class assassin? In these missions, your objective is quite simple: defeat waves of aliens using your trusty Beam Katana and suplex moves.

As for the Bike Missions, you are tasked with teaching some reckless drivers the rules of the road – how? By imbuing them with your Schpeltiger bike, of course! However, be careful: there is a time limit and you must reach the target vehicle before the time runs out. Don’t worry, you can extend the time limit by wrecking other vehicles along the way.