Nippon Ichi Software announces Asatsugutori for Nintendo Switch: full details and teasers shared

Asatsugutori was confirmed this morning for Nintendo Switch. It’s a title that’s on its way to the hybrid console from Nippon Ichi Software.

According to what was shared, the game will arrive on 25 November at least in Japan for 7,678 yen. You can find the details below from Gematsu:

In Asatsugutori, eight girls gather to live together in an unknown building, where they don’t know who will be killed or when it will happen. When an incident occurs and a girl dies, the protagonist’s ability to go back in time is activated.

During the “Investigation Parts”, he will go back in time before the incident and investigate. The investigation parts progress in real time and the information the protagonist can gather varies depending on the time of day, so she will have to go back several times to fully investigate. The victims also don’t always cooperate with the protagonist as they don’t know they are going to die.

We remind you of the shared teasers: