Nintendo Switch’s promising Ultra Age now has western date, price, languages, new trailer and more

We bring you confirmation of the western release date for this new Nintendo Switch title. The information was released today by the developers. It is Ultra Age.

According to what was shared, the title will be available on September 9 on the console’s eShop. In Japan, it will also be released in physical format on 7 October.

The western version costs $29.99 and includes English, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Italian. We leave you with its premise and trailer:

In the future, Earth’s resources have become insufficient, its ecosystem long ago irrevocably changed by a passing meteor. Humanity has split in two: the people who have escaped Earth and moved to the space colony ‘Orbital Arc’, and the others who have remained on Earth in a facility called ‘The Shelter’.

When the people of The Shelter cut off all supplies to Orbital Arc, humanity begins a bold experiment to grant humanity one last hope. A young sword-wielding warrior named Age falls from orbit to Earth. Accompanied by his floating android, Helvis, he must find the key to mankind’s survival…