Nintendo Direct rumours are running wild after this bizarre revamp of Kirby’s official website

We have some really interesting information coming from the official Kirby website. Apparently, the site has recently been revamped and has got the Nintendo Direct rumour mill buzzing again.

The funny thing is that this revamp seems to have been shown accidentally. At the moment it can still be seen: there are Lorem Ipsum-style placeholders and text from Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis in different parts of the page indicating that this is a provisional state of development. You can find them at these links:

In any case, this points to new additions to the franchise being on the way, most likely a new instalment after last year’s release of Kirby Fighters 2. This information adds to the Nintendo Direct rumours that reached us a few days ago, which included a date and details of what we would see in that presentation.

Among the contents, it was mentioned that a new Kirby game would be revealed at the presentation, and now this update on the official website has only added to the rumours. We’ll have to stay tuned to see what finally happens.

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