New Pokémon Snap: Locations of all Pokémon in the new areas of the DLC

New Pokémon Snap for Nintendo Switch has just recently released its first free DLC with new content, which includes new areas.

Well, now we have a generous amount of new Pokémon to photograph, although to get them all you need to know first their exact location, for which the following image that we leave you below will be really useful, in which the place where each of them is located is indicated, courtesy of Game Rant:

  • Hidden Path (day / night): the NEO-ONE shrinks to a tiny size when you explore this area, so the Pokémon you see will look gigantic. You can even hear their breathing and footsteps in this exciting area, and you may detect new types of Pokémon behavior you’ve seen before.
  • Rebos River (day / night): Rebos River is a source of nourishing water that provides sustenance for all of Belus Island. You will be conducting research while navigating downstream, so keep an eye out for rapids while searching for Pokémon and keep your camera ready so you don’t miss anything.
  • Solano Wasteland (day / night): in this area, you will investigate the wastelands of Volus Island, where dry desert winds blow. This area has many peculiar features, from geysers to poisonous swamps that spew gas. Pokémon may be hiding underground or in the rocky cliffs, so keep your eyes peeled for them while on your expedition.