NERF Legends comes to life on Nintendo Switch

After some rumours, here comes the confirmation of a new indie title for Nintendo Switch. It was announced just a few minutes ago by its developers. According to what was shared, NERF Legends will be coming to the hybrid console in October this year in digital and physical format.

For now we don’t have a more concrete release date, so we’ll keep an eye out for more details. In the meantime, you can find the premise and trailer for this indie title below:

NERF Legends immerses you in a futuristic sci-fi world where you’ll come face to face with legions of enemy robots and master bosses. Armed with a wide range of NERF blasters based on their iconic real-world counterparts, you’ll thwart formidable foes as you’re challenged to perform the most impressive shooting tricks in a series of unique and immersive environments. Are your skills up to the challenge of becoming the ultimate NERF legend?