Heart Chain Kitty, a 3D platformer inspired by Super Mario Sunshine and Banjo-Kazooie, has a date for Nintendo Switch

We bring you confirmation of a new indie title for Nintendo Switch. The details have been offered today by the people behind it. We’re talking about Heart Chain Kitty.

As we have learned, the 3D platformer will be available on August 20 on the console’s eShop at a price as yet unknown. Here’s the premise and trailer:

Created by solo developer Bernhard Politsch of origamihero games, Heart Chain Kitty is a 3D platformer inspired by Super Mario Sunshine and Banjo-Kazooie. Fittingly, the game features 40 surreal levels full of secrets and unique powers, such as Power Glove, Hat Glide and Screw Ray (which can loosen and tighten screws and bolts found throughout the world), along with an endearing and deeply felt narrative.

In Heart Chain Kitty, a heart-shaped stranger arrives on Kitty Island and brings very important news: Kittey’s parents are missing. As Kittey searches for them, she must confront what is left of a crumbling, dying world. From Kitty Island to the city of Cyclopia, across a vast, comet-stricken desert and through the deepest pits of Darkside, Kittey’s great journey may lead him to some uncomfortable truths…