Fans believe they’ve found a teaser of a new playable character inside Pokémon Unite

More Pokémon Unite news is coming in again. Following its release on Nintendo Switch as a free download and the announcement of the mobile version on 22 September, a curious theory has gone viral among fans.

In this case, bets are being placed on which other future playable characters could be coming to the game in the future. Remember that Sylveon and Mamoswine have already been officially confirmed, but players believe that TiMi has clued them in on other future additions.

The first message shows a screenshot of a silhouette of Alola’s Raichu appearing in the game. He thinks this image is a teaser that this Pokémon is coming as a playable character in the future, and many other fans have agreed with him. It would certainly be an interesting addition, although in this case dataminers have found no references to this Pokémon so far.

You can see it here:

Look who they are (hopefully) teasing already! from PokemonUnite

The other Pokémon being speculated about is Victini. In this case, dataminers did find references to this Pokémon in the game’s code. They point out that now that the first season of the game is coming to an end, it would be a good time to introduce another unique Zeraora-style Pokémon, and that could very well be Victini.

These are the bets that are currently on the table, so we will have to stay tuned to see if they are finally confirmed.