Everything we know about Blissey in Pokémon Unite: Evolution, Ability, Unite Move and more

Earlier this afternoon, we found out when Blissey will arrive in Pokémon Unite. Now we’re bringing you all the details you need to know ahead of its debut, which is scheduled for 18 August.

Dataminers have already found some very interesting information about this Pokémon in the game’s code. Thanks to this, we now know a few facts about this auxiliary Pokémon.

These are the following:





Natural Cure. Removes status effects from time to time. Recharges once activated.

From the start

The third attack becomes a boosted attack that deals more damage.

Level 1 / Level 2

The Pokémon can learn the next two attacks in any order you choose.


Attacker strikes in one direction, dealing damage in the area of effect and slowing the movement speed of enemies hit for a short period of time.

Heal Pulse
Continually restores the health of the caster and the designated Pokémon ally for a short period of time.

Level 4

The Pokémon can learn any attack it wishes from the two attacks below, which will replace Pound.

Egg Bomb

The caster sends an egg to the selected area. The egg then explodes, dealing damage to affected Pokémon and knocking them down.

Upgrade: Slow down the affected Pokémon’s movement speed for a short period of time.

Helping Hand
For a short period of time, it increases the movement speed and attack speed of the caster as well as the designated Pokémon ally. When the Ability ends, the caster’s basic attacks become boosted attacks.

Upgrade: Increases the damage dealt by basic attacks when the ability ends.

Level 6

The Pokémon can learn any attack it wishes from the two attacks below, which will replace Heal Pulse.


Sends an egg to an allied Pokémon, which restores its health, but also to the caster. A maximum of 3 eggs can be stored.

Upgrade: Increases the number of eggs stored by 1.

Heal Bell
Removes all of the friendly Pokémon’s status alters and makes it immune to these alters for a short period of time.

Upgrade: Allows you to grant a shield to friendly Pokémon.

Level 9

The Pokémon learns its Unite Ability.

Unite: Bliss Assistance

The caster jumps to a friendly Pokémon, providing it with an egg that grants it a shield and increases its Attack and Special Attack for a short period of time. The caster also shares the damage taken by the friendly Pokémon for a short period of time.