Eldegoss, Cinderace and more: the changes to Pokémon Unite that have sparked outrage

As we reported earlier this morning, Pokémon Unite has been updated on Nintendo Switch with tweaks to numerous playable Pokémon, among other new features. Well, a few hours later, we’ve already heard the first reactions.

Apparently, some players are outraged that several Pokémon have been “heavily nerfed”, while other elements that they feel should be nerfed, such as Zapdos, remain unchanged. The most repeated complaints are as follows:

Decreased power of Eldegoss, which has caused many fans to accuse the game of benefiting attackers and hurting helpers:

Cotton Guard increases its recharge time (7s ” 9s) and recovers less HP.
Cotton Spore (Cotton Spore) reduces its recharge time (10s ” 7.5s), has more effect on opposing Pokémon, and increases Defence and Special Defence more.
Fuzz Dance (Pollen Puff) recovers less HP.

The second most criticized nerf is Cinderace:

Blaze Kick does less damage to opposing Pokémon (-16%).
Feint (Feint) increases travel speed less for less time.
Pyro Ball does more damage to opposing Pokémon (+11%).

Finally, Zeraora, Absol and Zapdos have also been criticized for still being too broken. In relation to the latter, they accuse it of determining the game in the last minutes and ruining all the previous work.