DOOM Eternal is updated with these new features to version 1.6 on Nintendo Switch

A new update is now available on this Nintendo Switch game. It is a patch that the developers have officially released on the console recently for DOOM Eternal.

Specifically, this version 1.6 of the game includes several fixes and adjustments that aim to improve the user experience on the hybrid console along with some additional content. You can check the list of new features just below:

Get ready for the horror of an experiment gone right with the release of the Revenant master collection of UAC technology, which will appear on August 5 during the game’s upcoming event….


Fixes for all platforms


  • Fixed a bug that prevented some users from equipping the Undead Android Revenant and Poison Frog pain elemental skins after unlocking them.


  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented the use of the Crucible against the Infernal Hunter, the Khan Maykr, the Icon of Sin and the Gladiator.
  • Reduced the incidence of a bug that caused health and armor dropped by demons upon death to hinder the operation of the Butcher’s Hook, Destroyer Blade or Microwave modification. Note: some players may still be experiencing this issue, but to a lesser extent, and we thank you for your patience as we continue to investigate the cases where this bug is still occurring!
  • Fixed a bug that caused the “You have something new” unlock notification for the Taras Nabad master level to mistakenly appear as Final Sin in the main menu.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a “No target” message to appear when attempting to attack a tentacle that was within range with the chainsaw after it attacked.

Update: Due to the release of the 6.2 update for Nintendo Switch on August 10, Switch users will be compensated with a week of double EPs from August 26 to September 2 where they can earn the rewards included in the in-game event: PROPULSED WITH PLASMA.

Fixes for Nintendo Switch only

  • Fixed an issue in BATTLEMODE that sometimes caused the Slayer to appear in a T-position while the game was loading.
  • Fixed an issue in BATTLEMODE that sometimes caused the Slayer’s grenades to disappear in mid-air.
  • Fixed the issue with the head of the classic DOOM marine’s head not rendering correctly in certain podium sequences and animations.