Best Blastoise build in Pokémon Unite: Moves, items, evolution, price and more details

We recently found out when Blastoise will arrive in Pokémon Unite. Well, now we’re bringing you all the details you need to know ahead of its debut, which is scheduled for 1 September.

Dataminers have already found some very interesting information about this Pokémon in the game’s code. Thanks to this, we can now bring you the best moves, items and more for this defensive Pokémon.

Here’s what they recommend:

Best movements

Movement Level at which it is unlocked Level of improvement
Water Gun (Ranged) Level 1 Level 4
Hydro Pump (Ranged) Level 5 Level 11: Increases movement damage.
Surf (Dash) Level 7 Level 13: Blastoise has a shield when it uses this move.
Hydro Typhoon (Unite Move) Level 9
  • At the start of the match, Water Gun is recommended first as a ranged move.
    The second is Skull Bash, which paralyses anyone it hits.
  • When Squirtle evolves into Wartortle at level 5, Hydro Pump is recommended for its Push status effect.
  • At level 7, Surf is recommended as the final ability, as the upgraded version at level 13 also gives us a shield.

Best equipped items

Object equipped Effect Maximum increases in statistics
Buddy Barrier When the Pokémon uses its Unite Move, that Pokémon and the nearby ally with lower HP each receive a shield equal to 40% of its maximum HP. HP + 600
Focus Band When the Pokémon drops to low HP, every second for three seconds, it regains 8% of the HP it has lost. Defence + 30
Special defence + 30
Muscle Band When it receives basic attacks, the damage is increased by 3% of the opponent Pokémon’s remaining HP. Attack + 15
Basic attack speed + 7.5%

Best battle items

Battle object Effect Level at which it is unlocked
Full Heal Removes all status conditions and makes your Pokémon immune to obstacles for a short period of time. Trainer level 14
Eject Button Quickly move your Pokémon in the designated direction. Trainer level 11

Level of evolution

Squirtle (Level 1) Wartortle (Level 5) Blastoise (Level 9)

How to unlock Blastoise

  • To get the Pokémon, you’ll need to purchase a Blastoise licence from the Unite Battle Committee shop for 460 Aeos Gems or 8,000 Aeos Coins.
  • You will first start as Squirtle, and then you can use Water Gun and Hydro Pump to quickly gain XP from neutral enemies and opposing players in order to evolve the Pokémon.