All characters “nerfed” in the latest Pokémon Unite update

Pokémon Unite, the latest MOBA for Nintendo Switch that will also be coming to mobile devices on 22 September, has been criticised on several occasions for its character balancing, something that TiMi, the developer studio, seems to have taken seriously after the latest update.

Well, in this version, numbered 8.16, a number of changes have been applied, mainly affecting the Defending Pokémon. Among them is Snorlax, whose Heavy Slam move has had its damage against enemies reduced. Another ability that has also been affected is Block, which has had its overall duration reduced, as well as a reduction in the health recovery of its Unite Move, Power Nap.

Slowbro, on the other hand, has also been one of the Defender Pokémon affected by this massive nerf, with the duration of the slowdown effect caused by Surf being reduced.

Finally, and in relation to one of the most popular attacking Pokémon, Greninja, the characteristics of the Smokescreen move have been modified, increasing its recovery time after using it, so now those of you who use this character will have to be more careful when planning your escape on the battlefield.