What are the best items to equip in Pokémon Unite?

More Pokémon Unite-related content continues to trickle in. Following its release on Nintendo Switch as a free download, here’s some information on an aspect you may have questions about: what are the best items to equip in the game?

The details we’ve been able to find out on this topic are as follows:

Float Stone

  • Increases movement speed by 10% when the Pokémon is not in battle.
  • Attack + 24, Movement Speed + 120
  • It can also increase the player’s movement speed. This makes it ideal for any roaming build, regardless of its role.

Shell Bell

  • When the Pokémon hits with a move, it recovers a minimum of 45 HP. The higher the Pokémon’s Special Attack, the more HP it recovers.
  • Special Attack + 24, Move Cooldown – 4.5%.
  • It can be used in any build thanks to its health regeneration ability.

Rocky Helmet

  • When the Pokémon takes a certain amount of damage, damage is inflicted on nearby opposing Pokémon equal to 3% of that Pokémon’s maximum HP.
  • HP + 240, Defence + 42
  • Any bulky Pokémon or player who plans to be in the centre of each battle can use it to great effect.

Muscle Band

  • When basic attacks hit, damage is increased by 1% of the opponent’s HP.
  • Attack +15, Basic Attack Speed +7.5%.
  • If you play a physical attacker, you should almost always have this item equipped.

Wise Glasses

  • Increases Special Attack by 3.
  • Special Attack + 39
  • Recommended for Special Attack-oriented Pokémon.


  • When the Pokémon is not in battle, it recovers 1% of its maximum HP every second.
  • HP + 240, Recovery + 9
  • They are a good default choice because they provide passive healing outside of combat.

Aeos Cookie/Score Shield/Attack Weight

Each of these items does something different, such as increasing your Pokémon’s maximum HP or giving you a shield while marking a target. However, the one thing they have in common is that they revolve around setting objectives and prioritising them in your game plan.
If you think you want to try to get as many points on the board as possible, these are some solid options. Otherwise, you can choose one of the more general boosts that provide a similar boost without the benefit of scoring.