Valve shares how they hope to avoid Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Drift type issues with Steam Deck

As you well know, Joy-Con Drift is a widespread problem among Nintendo Switch users, which causes the joysticks on these controllers to activate “on their own”. Well, it seems that after the announcement of Steam Deck, some media outlets wanted to know if Valve is taking care of this aspect.

After learning that the PS5 DualSense also has similar problems, it is not surprising that there is curiosity about it. So Valve’s hardware engineer Yazan Aldehayyat and designer John Ikeda shared some words on the matter with IGN.

Here’s what Aldehayyat had to say:

We’ve done a lot of reliability testing, on all fronts really, and all the inputs and different environmental factors and all that kind of stuff. I think we feel that this will work really well. And I think people will be super happy with it. I think it will be a great buy. I mean, obviously all the pieces will fail at some point, but we think people will be very satisfied and happy with it.

Ikeda also adds the following:

We intentionally chose something whose performance we knew about, right? We didn’t want to take a chance on that, did we? As I’m sure our customers don’t want us to take a risk on that either.