Three tips to improve your putting in Mario Golf: Super Rush

Are you running around the course like a headless chicken without being able to sink a ball? Don’t worry, today we bring you some little tricks that will help you to be the real Tiger Woods of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Thanks to this article from Screenrant, they detail three simple steps that we can take into account to improve our results in the famous plumber’s game, also focusing on putting, the part of golf where the ball no longer flies.

  1. Choose the right putt
    Golfers can choose between long, medium and short putts by pressing the left direction button on their controller. Short putts have the weakest power, but are best used when close to the hole. Long putts are the most powerful and useful when they are on the edge of the green, but because of their greater power, players can overshoot with them. Also, don’t be afraid to make a short putt with the correct directional button when close to the hole. It is weaker but better controlled.
  2. Hit it harder when it rains.
    Occasionally, the course will be soaked with rain. The wet conditions will prevent the ball from reaching its optimum speed. You will have to apply a little more force than usual to the putt, so go a little over the gauge on the shot meter.
  3. Pay attention to elevation
    Most greens have a slight slope that can alter the trajectory and speed of the ball. The grid displayed on the screen will indicate which way the elevation will push the ball, with the blue lines being slightly blue and the red lines more intense. If the distance between the golfer and the hole is going downhill, the speed of the ball will increase as gravity pushes the ball downhill, meaning that the player must apply less force to his putt. Likewise, if the ball needs to go uphill to reach the green, more force must be applied to compensate.