The playable RPG in the Google Doodle for the Olympics includes this Zelda reference

We have received a new and interesting detail related to the Google Doodle that we have available today in the search engine on the occasion of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Remember that we recently told you about this elaborate and complete game, and now we have more information.

After winning over fans of Japanese culture by offering us a really complete and interesting videogame accompanied by very elaborate animations, it has now been discovered that it includes a reference to The Legend of Zelda, specifically Link’s Awakening. Astute fans have noticed that, in the opening scene, the protagonist is seen travelling in a boat towards an island with a huge mountain: they immediately associated this with the iconic scene from The Legend of Zelda game.

You can see it here:

The only thing missing is the egg on top, don’t you think? In case you don’t know the Doodle, we leave you with this video: