The Outbound Ghost, the game Paper Mario fans have fallen in love with, is now on Kickstarter.

We bring you confirmation of a new indie project that is aiming to come to Nintendo Switch. It was recently announced by its developers.

According to what was shared, The Outbound Ghost will be coming to the hybrid console in the future and has already opened a Kickstarter funding campaign. However, its developers have already confirmed their plans to release it on the hybrid console and Steam. It has already contributed €7,143 out of the €8,291 they are currently asking for in total.

At the moment we don’t have a more concrete release date, so we’ll keep an eye out for more details. In the meantime, you can find the premise and trailer for this Paper Mario-inspired game below:

The Outbound Ghost is an adventure game about a ghost who finds out the cause of his own death and helps others come to terms with the afterlife. You play as an amnesiac ghost who wakes up on the outskirts of the town of Outbound. It just so happens that it was the site of a serial murder a few weeks before you appeared on the scene.