Streets of Rage 4 gets updated on Nintendo Switch with these new features

A new update is now available for the Nintendo Switch game. This is a patch that the developers have officially released on the console recently for Streets of Rage 4.

Specifically, this version of the game includes several fixes and tweaks that aim to improve the user experience on the hybrid console along with a few more additions. You can check out the list of new features just below:

What’s New:

Mania+ Difficulty mode is added.
Training Mode now available
(DLC only) Survival mode now available: perks, new stages, new music, new weapons
(DLC only) Alternative move sets added for ALL characters (mix and match, customisable).
All characters:

Player drop damage reduced from 30 to 20.
Longer stun after jump
Improved jab hit frame to match animation and at close range
Weapon throw now hits at point-blank range
Minor fixes and tweaks detailed here.