Rumour: Bloomberg reveals alleged higher production cost of Nintendo Switch (OLED model)

We have received important information from Bloomberg. Apparently, from this news media, they have shared what would be the extra cost of production of Nintendo Switch (OLED model).

According to what has been shared, it only costs Nintendo $10 more than usual to produce a Nintendo Switch OLED model, which would leave a lot of profit margin for the company. Bloomberg says this after contacting the co-founder of industry research firm DSCC, Yoshio Tamura.

He claims that Samsung’s screen adds $3-$5 to the cost of production over the standard model. On the other hand, Omdia’s Akira Minamikawa adds that the 64GB increase in the console’s memory would be $3.50 higher per unit, while the other additions such as the new kickstand and LAN port for wired internet would cost no more than “a few dollars”.

Remember that Nintendo Switch (OLED model) will cost around $350 when it launches in October, while the standard Nintendo Switch model currently sells for around $300 and the Lite model for around $200. So at a cost of $10 more, it would make a profit of $50 over the standard model.