Pokémon Unite Season 1 Special Artwork and Launch Trailer

We have received an interesting message that relates to one of the most prominent games in the Nintendo Switch catalogue, which will also be released on mobile. We’re talking about Pokémon Unite.

Now we’ve unveiled a new piece of art celebrating its release. Here it is:

These images have also been provided:

Alongside this, the launch trailer has been released:

We also remind you of the basic rules:

Basic rules:

These are the basic rules of the game.

Two teams of 5 player-controlled Pokémon battle each other across the map to gather a resource called Aeos Energy, a resource unique to the Aeos Island region in which the game takes place. You collect this energy in small amounts by defeating AI-controlled Pokémon that appear on the map using your Pokémon’s unique powers, or in larger amounts by defeating player-controlled enemies. Once Aeos energy is collected (represented in the form of Poké Balls), you must carry it to one of the opposing team’s goals and deposit it by holding down the X button and scoring a goal. Opposing players will try to disrupt your dive with attacks or steal your Aeos energy by defeating you through face-offs.

  • Teams are divided into 5 vs. 5 matches with each Pokémon playing a specific role.
  • The roles: attackers, defenders, all-rounders, support and speedsters each have their own function in the game. You have the role of each playable Pokémon with stats and more here.
  • The Pokémon the player chooses to play will function according to their personal preferences.
  • The team must work together to ensure victory, so communication and teamwork are key.
  • The aim of the game is to score more points than the enemy team.
  • Players can earn points by defeating enemies or wild Pokémon.
  • Once the player has accumulated some points, they must head to the enemy side of the field to “trade them in”, balancing battles with travel to earn enough points.
  • Once the timer runs out at the top, the team with the most points is declared the winner.