Pokémon Unite datamine shows references to new playable Pokémon and more

It is already confirmed that Pokémon Unite will receive Blastoise and Gardevoir as new playable characters in the future, as well as a third, as yet unknown, addition. Well, now we’ve got some unofficial, unconfirmed information on the matter.

Dataminers have been diving into the game’s code and have found some references to new features. These include the new Pokémon coming after Blastoise and Gardevoir and more.

Here’s what’s been shared:

  • The third additional Pokémon to arrive would be Blissey, the evolved form of Chansey. It would be an auxiliary-type that starts out as Chansey and has the following moves and abilities:
    • Ability: Natural Cure. Removes status effects every so often.
    • The boosted attack deals more damage.
    • Skill 1: Pound. Deals damage and slows.
    • Skill 2: Heal Pulse. Heals allies.
    • Level 4 upgrade: Egg Bomb. AOE ability shot with recoil and slows enemies.
    • Helping Hand. Increases an ally’s movement speed and attack speed. Boosts attacks when duration ends + Boosted attacks deal more damage.
    • Lv6 Upgrade: Softboiled. Stack up to three eggs and throw them at your allies to heal them and yourself + Increases the number of eggs by 1.
    • Heal Bell. Removes CC and becomes immune to CC for a while. Fixes an ally + Grants a shield.
    • Unite move: Blissassitance? Jumps to an ally and increases their attack and special attack. Blissey takes some of the damage dealt to the allied Pokémon. Used on the enemy, the move hits backwards.
    • Images are available here.
  • Information has also been found that Sylveon will also be a playable character in the future.
  • References to these Pokémon have been found, though no indication yet of what role they will play: Nidoking, Venonat, Tauros, Toxicroak, Carnivine, Joltik, Galvantula, Aegislash, Toxapex, Stufful, Pyukumuku, Articuno, Jirachi, Victini and Xerneas.