No More Heroes 3 introduces us to the Full Armor Travis mechanics in this video

An interesting video of one of the most promising games of the moment among Nintendo Switch users arrives again. This one has been recently published and corresponds to scenes from No More Heroes 3.

In this case, the short film shows us more minutes of the title focused this time on the mechanics of Full Armor Travis, still without official name in English. You can find it right below along with details about them:

The last video shows another dark side mode that Travis can access after a successful killing blow, but this one is really special! It’s called Full Armor Travis and, as the name suggests, it allows Travis to don robotic armor. It allows you to lock on to all nearby enemies before launching a barrage of missiles at them, turning them into dust. To activate it, you must line up three 7’s in the Death Blow slot.

There is also a special version of this dark side mode, which is activated when you line up three green 7s. From the looks of it, it allows Travis to keep his armor on for a longer period of time, which seems to significantly change the gameplay (you can see a different UI at the end of the video). It looks like you’ll be able to hit enemies using the robotic armor, for maximum power factor and coolness!