No More Heroes 3 details and shows in video its mechanics Retry Roulette

We bring back an interesting video of one of the most promising games of the moment among Nintendo Switch users. This one has been recently published and corresponds to scenes from No More Heroes 3.

In this case, the short film shows us more minutes of the title focused this time on the mechanics of Retry Roulette, still without official name in English. You can find it right below along with the details provided:

The last video shows another element of the game called Retry Roulette. Sometimes, you will face enemies that are much stronger than you expected and you will end up with a Game Over. If that happens, you have two options: Return to the motel or Retry.

If you choose Retry, you will activate the Retry Roulette. You can try your luck and get various benefits depending on the part of the roulette where the point stops. You can get benefits such as invicibility, attack power and more. But you can also get some “detriments”: for example, if you land on Jess Baptiste VI (damn bad luck), you will have to restart with your Beam Katana completely out of energy!