How to get Fashion Tickets in Pokémon Unite

More Pokémon Unite-related content is coming our way again. Following its release on Nintendo Switch as a free download, here’s some information on an aspect you may have questions about: how do you get Fashion Tickets in Pokémon Unite?

You don’t have to settle for the default outfit, as the game allows you to buy new clothes for your character using Fashion Tickets. Here’s how to get them:

  • Pokémon Unite has three in-game shops where users can purchase items. Aeos Emporium specifically sells clothing items for players looking to customise and dress up their Trainer avatar. While the shop also sells clothing sets and retention items for Aeos Gems and Aeos Tickets, Emporium has special products that can only be purchased with Fashion Tickets.
  • Using Fashion Ticket Exchange at the bottom of the shop window, players can exchange the special currency for exclusive clothing items and sets that are not available anywhere else.
  • Fashion Tickets are given out as rewards. From launch, the quickest way to get the currency is to complete Event Missions. From the main menu, players can select a tab called “Events” at the bottom of the screen which will take them to the Event Missions page. Completing certain missions will automatically give you a special ticket as a reward. Missions rotate throughout the year, so be sure to check when more missions are added that reward tickets.
  • Another way to earn Fashion Tickets is through the Energy Rewards feature. In the main menu, you will see a pot with a 100 in it. Players gain energy the more games they complete. Once you reach 10 energy, you can click on the jackpot and spin for a prize, one of which is Fashion Tickets.
  • Not only can you earn in-game currency through Energy Rewards, but you can also earn clothing items from the Aeos Emporium. Unlike Event Missions, you can earn Fashion Tickets simply by playing games and continuing to use the Energy Rewards system. Although it should be noted that users can only make 30 spins per day.
  • Finally, it’s worth remembering that players can also earn clothing items through the Battle Pass.