How to add, play and accept friend invitations in Pokémon Unite?

More Pokémon Unite-related content continues to trickle in. Following its release on Nintendo Switch as a free download, here’s some information on one aspect you may have questions about: how to add, play, and accept friend invitations in the game.

The details we’ve been able to find out on this topic are as follows:

  • How to add friends?
    • The friend system does not rely on the Switch friend codes, but the game has its own friendship system.
    • Each player has a unique trainer ID: a seven-digit code that can be found on their trainer information card.
    • To add someone as a friend is to access the friends list, go to Friend Search and enter their Coach ID.
  • Players can also enable a second function to invite friends that will allow them to add friends based on their Nintendo account information: to do this, all you have to do is press the – button in the Friends Search tab, enable Nintendo account invitations and add your friends.
  • How to invite your friends to a game?
    • Go to the Unite Battle menu and click on one of the four big plus marks next to your avatar.
    • From there, you can invite your friends to form a group of up to five players for ranked or standard matches, or four players for quick matches.
  • If you receive an invitation from a friend to join their group, click accept when the notification appears, or click on their player avatar icon next to the start match button.