How the fishing system could be improved in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, like its predecessors, has a number of different mechanics that give the game its dynamic and entertaining feel, including collecting fossils, bugs and fish to donate to the Museum or sell in the Shop.

Well, one of them, namely fishing, can become rather simple and boring over time, an aspect that Nintendo could improve in a number of ways to make the experience more fun. An original way to improve this situation through a future “big update” could be to introduce new ways of fishing, more species to fish with their own characteristics or even specific areas to do this activity, either within our own island or outside it.

The sea is a rather unused area in this aspect, we can only fish from the shore, as the only way to catch marine species is by diving. Nintendo could implement a kind of boat that would allow the player to enter the high seas to fish through nets or new techniques for species that inhabit the environment.

Specific random islands designed exclusively for fishing certain species could also be added to the title, as is already the case with bugs; new features that are undoubtedly necessary to revive the community, which has been calling for this type of implementation for some time now.