Here’s how the energy mechanic for free rewards works in Pokémon Unite

Pokémon Unite, the first MOBA game in the series to be released on Nintendo Switch, includes a number of elements that bring it in line with what we can find in almost any free-to-play title today, such as a paid Battle Pass.

However, it also combines this with a mechanic typical of “gacha” games, whereby we can get different rewards for free and depending on the number of games we play. When we finish a game, in addition to coins, we will also obtain energy, which accumulates and, when we reach 100, we will unlock a “roll” in a machine that we can access from the lobby.

Each time we use it, we will be rewarded with a completely random item from the options available, such as clothes or tickets to buy products in the shop; similar to what we can see in Pokémon Masters when obtaining characters, although in Pokémon Unite the amount of energy that can be accumulated during a week is limited, a total of 1,400.

Despite this, if the player wants to, they can purchase energy tanks, which will increase this maximum capacity, although to do so they will have to go through the cashier, bearing in mind that none of the items that we are rewarded with will give us an advantage over the rest during the games.