Grindstone gets new content on Nintendo Switch

Grindstone – Lost Lair free update

Grindstone’s latest update is OUT NOW and it basically wants to kill you:

– Explore the Lost Lair, an abandoned grindstone mine at the top of the mountain.
– Survive 20 new levels riddled with runaway minecarts, TNT crates, falling stalactites, and molten-grindstone lava.
– Defeat your new, narcoleptic nemesis; the fearsome Scavengr!
– Craft the powerful Rainbow Sword and Rainbow Armor.
– Weekly Challenges can now be found in Dotties House at the base of the mountain.
– Complete challenges before they expire to earn Jorj a new hat!
– Plus quality of life and bug fixes galore!

Download it now on Apple Arcade, Nintendo Switch or the Epic Game Store!