Faraday Protocol will be released on Nintendo Switch on 12 August

Here comes confirmation of a new indie title for Nintendo Switch. The information has been offered today by those responsible for it. It’s Faraday Protocol.

According to what was shared, the title will be available on August 12 on the console’s eShop. We leave you with its premise and trailer:

In this game, you take the role of interstellar archaeologist Raug Zeekon on his mission to explore the mysterious OPIS space station. What happened to this place and what is the role of the enigmatic AI IRIS?

To solve the puzzles of OPIS, the so-called Bia-Tool is used. This alien utility allows Raug to absorb certain forms of energy and redistribute them, activating and manipulating machinery on the space station.

He can activate and deactivate power lines and devices with orange energy, or bypass and redirect them using blue energy. You will have to solve many interesting and challenging puzzles, inside and outside the OPIS Ziqqurats, to progress and solve its many mysteries!