DOOM and DOOM II get Earthless: Prelude content on Nintendo Switch

Good news for DOOM and DOOM II players on Nintendo Switch. Apparently, the Earthless: Prelude content is now available on these hybrid console versions.

It’s completely free content. This is the message shared by Bethesda:

With the add-ons you can enjoy classic episodes and Megawads from DOOM (1993) and DOOM II. Download them for free from the main menu to get hooked on some of the most thrilling action created by the best minds in the community over the last 25 years! For more information on this feature, be sure to check out the official Q&A document.

The add-on library continues to grow with the release of Earthless: Prelude, the spiritual successor to the 2018 Deathless Megawad created by mod giant James “Jimmy” Paddock, which we released as an add-on to the DOOM (1993) re-release last year.


As the name suggests, Earthless: Prelude is the first in a series of maps to be released over six episodes – the Prelude chapter contains two full episodes and a preview of the third, for a total of 12 maps!

You can find out more about Earthless: Prelude by visiting his post on the Doomworld forum and don’t forget to read our exclusive Slayers Club interview with Jimmy!