Apple Slash is coming to Nintendo Switch on 30 July: price and details

Here comes confirmation of a new indie title for Nintendo Switch. The information has been offered today by those responsible for it. It’s Apple Slash.

According to what was shared, the title will be available on July 30 for €4.99 / $ 4.99 on the console’s eShop. Here’s the premise and trailer:

Repel an invasion of mysterious and enchanting creatures in a vast, murky swamp. Smite your enemies in a divine, slash-based manner and experience ambiguous encounters full of personality. In Apple Slash, you play as the mighty apple knight wielding his mighty slashing sword, where you embark on a quest full of creatively designed combat.

With innovative attack mechanics, combine one hit with multiple abilities using your spinning blade. As you explore, you will find and combine various skills scattered throughout the swamp in order to perform powerful attacks.