Animal Crossing-inspired action RPG Kitaria Fables confirms date and launches new trailer

The people behind this release continue to bring us more interesting content. In particular, a new set of details of the promising Kitaria Fables for Nintendo Switch was recently released on YouTube.

The compilation in question allows us to take a look at more scenes from this promising game that is on its way to the hybrid console and which is confirmed for September 2 in physical (pre-orders available here) and digital formats. We’ve got it for you below:

Armed with sword, bow and spellbook, fight against the growing darkness that threatens the world. Raid dungeons for relics and resources, tend to your farm to make supplies and potions, and take on quests alone, or with a friend!

Kitaria Fables is a delightful fusion of action RPG, adventure and farming simulation! Enter the beautiful world of Canoidera and take on quests as your animal neighbours face a rising tide of darkness. Real-time combat, exploration and dungeon crawling along with farming for supplies and crafting weapons and armour, as well as creating new spells to increase your power.

Welcome to the world of Canoidera, a peaceful land where nature lives in harmony – until now. As the wildlife around Paw Village becomes increasingly aggressive, the Empire has asked you to investigate and defend its citizens. Head to your uncle’s house in Paw Village and from your new base, explore the vast world bringing together wildlife, resources and loot to help you on the long journey ahead.

Wield melee weapons and bows as you forge new spells in classless combat. Equip your loadout to suit your preferred battle style and craft magic, weapons and armour to complement your playstyle – would you rather burn your enemies from a distance, freeze them where they stand or rely on sword or bow to deal damage?

You will need much more than brute strength and magic to survive the coming darkness. Canoidera is full of resources for you to use to your advantage. Kill monsters for ingredients, plant seeds and tend your crops for supplies, and gather materials and minerals to craft more powerful weapons, armour and accessories.

Canoidera is full of friendly (and not so friendly!) citizens. Make yourself known to your neighbours and comply with their requests. The more you bond with your new friends, the more rewards you’ll receive as your relationships grow!