All the Pokémon Unite launch battle arenas: details and images

As you know, Pokémon Unite will be released on Nintendo Switch in July and on mobile in September. However, beyond the progression system and all the cosmetic items that players will acquire throughout their gameplay in this game, it also features a leaderboard mode, which will be important for competitive players.

Well, today we’re going to talk about the game’s combat arenas. According to TiMi Studios, each arena will have a very different design from the others, giving players a varied gameplay experience. It’s worth noting that more battle areas will be added in future updates, but at launch there will only be four locations. All of them are listed below (English names not confirmed):

Remoat Island

  • This circular map is one of the biggest locations in the game. Its design gives players plenty of space to coordinate strategic attacks, and will lead to some of the biggest confrontations.
  • In the centre of the map is the “Legendary Pit”, where Zapdos appears. This will undoubtedly drive players to the centre of the map, as defeating the electric bird of Kanto will instantly score points for your team and leave the opposing team’s base undefended.
  • The various paths and tall grass in the arena will be perfect for DPS characters such as Greninja and Pikachu to flank and take their opponents by surprise. The map will also feature a secondary boss battle with Drednaw on the beach that will reward players with XP and give shields to all teammates.

Shivre City

  • Unlike other maps, it has only one objective location per side. This means that teams will have to fight in a confined space to score points.
  • Things get even more intense with “Speed Flow Zones”, which temporarily increase speed by a considerable amount. This means that heavy defenders like Snorlax or giants like Garchomp will be more lethal.
  • Speedster fighters, such as Absol and Talonflame, will be a serious challenge when running towards bases.

Auroma Park

  • It is geared towards fast-paced battles. With a 3vs3 setup, players will be able to utilize their favourite Pokémon to the fullest without worrying about larger clashes or flanking.
  • Interestingly, the diamond-shaped arena features conveyor belt lanes, which will automatically boost your speed to each point on the map. The Legendary Regigigas of Sinnoh will appear randomly throughout the battle.
  • Those who are fast enough to reach its central location when it randomly appears will score big points. The arena has three goals for each player, making the battle intimate.

Mer Stadium

  • This is an adaptation of Remoat Stadium. The 4vs4 configuration is designed to make battles faster on the smaller version of the map.
    With only three objectives per side, this means that teams will have to use their extra character space to put pressure on their opponents.
  • It’s a good scenario for support characters like Mr. Mime and Wigglytuff. Defenders Snorlax, Slowbro and Crustle will also be key in helping to block the three objective posts.