Absol shows off his moves in a new Pokémon Unite trailer

Here’s another interesting video that relates to one of the most prominent games in the Nintendo Switch catalogue, which will also be released on mobile. It is indeed Pokémon Unite.

In this case, we can see a new trailer for the game starring one of the playable Pokémon, namely Absol. This way, we can see some of the moves of this Pokémon in the MOBA. Don’t forget that more similar videos of other characters will be shared in the coming days, so stay tuned.

You have it below:

Take them down in an instant 👊👊
Absol is a Pokémon that can approach from a distance and do a lot of damage 💨.
Unite’s move is “Dark Slasher” 🌌, a slash that wipes out your opponent while dealing massive damage!